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Tryon products overview - Łukasz Kazmierczak

Tryon patented fitness equipment provides ergonomics grips and perfect fit.

  • TRYON Grips ensures the hands are placed in the ergonomically correct position from the start, allowing you to work out more productively and ensuring you hold the correct position right through your training cycle.
  • Maintaining correct position focuses effort on the muscle groups in question. No wasted effort.
  • Less risk of stress and strain on fingers, wrists arms and shoulders. Less unnecessary overloading.
  • Intended for far more comfortable workout, once experienced, there’s no falling back to tradition.
  • Genuinely INNOVATIVE, simple to use, just commonsense.
  • Optimally transmits the effort to achieve greater muscle isolation during training.
  • Helps the inexperienced user to correctly position hands during exercise.


TRYON is a Spanish brand that has been in the market for the last fifteen years specialized in Product Design and Development.

The design of the elements brings modernity and trendiness to your facilities.

The grip rack invites users to the placement of the grips. Keeping the area tidy.

The elastyomeric compound prevents from the unsightly corrosion of the conventional grips.

The soft outer shell prevents damage from accidental bumps.